What Things To Consider For Organize A New Home

In planning or managing the home of the first is how much space needs, the function of each existing space, the behavior of its inhabitants and, most importantly in accordance with the financial condition of the occupants possessed, Use of Materials will continue to consider environmental issues or climate change (natural resources began limited the use of the materials to be used are environmentally friendly, easily recyclable, durable) the use of technology, use of energy-saving and efficient will be an option for the community.

Things To Consider For Manage A New Home

If only managing the home and not build a new house, then there are a few things to note:

1. Using the structure and construction of a natural disaster that can anticipate earthquakes, avoiding building a house or choose a location not in the area of ​​landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other disaster-prone.

2. Choose the furniture, most families chose to replace furniture type is?

In choosing the type of furniture there are two options, for those who have a taste of high-value art will memilihi furnuture character of local culture as well as using a natural wood material, and for the people who choose to by function furnuture, then selected is multi-functional furnuture, flkesibel, portable (easily removed), the material is environmentally friendly materials and furniture that does not harm the child.

3. How to organize a home with a minimalist spaces.

In managing the home with a minimalist space that needs to be considered is the use of energy-efficient or energy-saving as well as attention to the health of occupants, then by arranging functional space, meet space requirements, provide comfort in doing activities inside the house, the room seem airy open-plan bulkhead, space space get direct light from the outside so the day did not have to turn on the lights and the room has a communicative element therein.

4. How is the savings that can be done while managing the home.

To conserve costs in managing the home are of course by maintaining existing furnuture, but still renovating, repairing back some material.

5. How is the tendency of trends, style and home design 2015

Tendency house style and design trends in 2015 are still using minimalist design, but there is a touch of culture locality therein are adapted to the natural conditions of your place climate, the use of local ornament will be the future trend, environmentally friendly, simple and the high ceilings and flat.

6. What about the eco green style.

Eco Green Style must be considered, but there are still many who think that green eco merely how the building or the house the color green, make green landscaped garden on the wall or on house building, however, if we look at the definition of Green Building then associated with building or green home is how to Minimise / or reduce the use of natural resources is excessive, reduce environmental damage, increase quality air and comfort, efficiency of energy use, water use efficiency, the efficiency of land use and how the waste treatment.

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