Cool Anime Stained Glass Creations

If we pay attention around you, stained glass usually used in places that are quite rigid such as office buildings, chapels and places of worship such as mosques, churches.

Stained glass patterns that used is not interesting to look. Well, you may interest if you look this motives of stained glass window that can apply to your kids room windows or who have hobby about anime. Try this cool anime stained glass creation or maybe you have own creation to create cool stained glass.
Cool Anime Stained Glass Creations
Cool Anime Stained Glass Creations

The series of stained glass are made by Fay Productions which they sell through e-commerce site called Their work is quite unique, because it can be said to be the motive unique and unlike stained glass in general that have a fairly rigid pattern.

From the the famous American comics to japanese manga patterns, they painted on the glass surface with amazing results! Fay Production doing this are really breakthrough of usual motives rigid stained glass.

If you are interested, you can order it! because the Etsy site can serve a purchase from any country. But do not forget to think about the cost of shipment, because it is definitely going to be quite expensive.[rebel rousher]

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